Monday, August 22, 2005

Excuse me, but your fox is on fire

At the request of my friend Chandler (whose name isn't really Chandler but he looks like the character from Friends) I tried the Firefox browser. I had tried it before when it was firebird or somelike that like that and wasn't too impressed.

I have tried it again and I have to admit it's pretty slick now. I'm a big fan of the Wizz RSS feed reader.

For the longest time I tried to get Shayna to use an RSS feed reader to handle her daily blogs. She doesn't like to change though. She's a creature of habit and that suits her fine. Once it was setup though, and she saw how easy it was to check all billion of the blogs she reads, she finally came around. I love my creature of habit..especially when that habit is to kiss me when I walk in the door.

No more details on that (which I'm sure you are all thankful for).

Next post will be something a link to a videogame or something. :-)


  1. I think it's funny because Carl knows how busy I am so he is forever trying to make me more efficient. But I'm like, "No! I like the way I do it." Then, I try it his way and it is easier. No wonder he's way less stressed than I am . . . Thanks, babe, I love you!!

  2. Babe, we need more Carl-type wisdom in this world. Take a break and blog about something already! :-)

    Love you!!!