Thursday, September 07, 2006

You know it's the first day of football season when:

7) You send out an evite for your wife's birthday.

6) You think about kicker logistics for your fantasy football team.

5) It's warm outside but the air is "Crisp"

4) You want to tackle office workers Terry Tate style

3) You wear the jersey of a guy who has had more facial surgery than Joan Rivers..and you like it.

2) In the car, on the way to work, you are yelling a snap count (sometimes you include audibles)

1) You spend your day thinking of Hank Williams Jr. and that theme song.

Guilty as charged.

How do you know it's the first day of football season?


  1. My heart starts pumping really fast every time I think about the coin toss. And I have this little twinge of will they or won't they about several teams in the league. Anxiety eventually sets in from both of these.

  2. When I say, "Anything good on tonight?" and my husband says, "Just football!" like I'm a huge dweeb who should have known better. :-)

  3. When my night starts off with "its only the first drive",

    then continues to "ok Ki, we need the kiga luck, c'mon dog"

    then goes to "Get your head in the game dog! Its a 60 minute game and I don't think you're giving it your all! I need to get you a jersey"

    Yeah, football season alright, I'm talking football with my dog for the next few months.