Monday, September 04, 2006

All sorts of topics

It's been a long time since the last post. I've had things I wanted to share but haven't really had the time. I'd like to remind people about the link roll to the right. It's mostly stupid stuff, but there is some really good stuff there too (like the katrina video thing). If you are using the RSS feed to read this post, you can RSS the link roll as well.

First, last weekend Shayna and I went to Wilkes Barre , PA to visit my brother in law for his birthday. Matt, happy birthday! It was a lot of fun going up there and spending time with him. He's wicked good at the putt putt course up there..or shayna and I just let him win. ;-)

Second, my wife is awesome. Thanks for asking! This past weekend I've started coming down with a head cold. She has taken the role of Nurse Shayna which really means a lot. I'm not at the whiny sick stage yet, but if I were she would gladly put up with it.

Last weekend Shayna, Matt, and I also saw Invincible. The story of Vince Papale making the leap from bartender to Philadelphia Eagle. On the Carl scale it gets a 5 out of 5 which for those of you who know me is very rare. One scene is looks like a live action version of NFL Street. Guy are tackling guys on cars, clothelines, and generally giving shots that make you say "Ow". The ladys can enjoy Marky Wahlberg with his uberbuff body and the guys will enjoy the football.

A couple weekends before that Shayna and I saw World Trade Center. That movie made me cry like a little girl who skinned her knee. Best scene in the movie (I guess this would be considered a spoiler) is from a marine who locates some people caught in the rubble. The person in the rubble said please don't leave. The marine says "We are the United States Marines. We will not leave. You are our mission." For about 5 min I wanted to be a marine. Then I remembered I didn't.

Blogger has a beta mode. I'm really interested in moving to the beta, but one of the restrictions is that a non beta person can't comment on a beta person's blog. While I love trying new technology I can't ask all my friends to upgrade as well. As soon as they release that restriction I'll be switching. One of the neat features is RSS feeds will include comments...

I'm currently reading a book called A Jewish Understanding of the New Testament. I started reading it because of a small group in which we went over what being a Rabbi meant and what that meant to being a "fisher of men". It's been really interesting to read about how the Pharisees, Sadducies, and Sanhedrian were formed. I think learning this stuff will really help me to understand Biblical things more. I encourage other Christians to take the time to research this stuff as well. You'll find a greater understanding for the stuff Jesus said.

That's it for now, but I may post again later today if I remember something I forgot.


  1. I thought that Katrina video thing was awesome. I don't quite see everything he tried to point out in the video(poor resolution), but a lot of the evidence makes sense, like the timing, and the water levels, etc.

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    Carl, check out this cartoon


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