Friday, September 08, 2006

Pink is not the new Hank

Thoughts regarding the NBC telecast of last night's game:

Does it seem like NBC is trying to be ABC in the football dept? They get the same announcers, have a person with a "theme song", they even do the full bar for game information rather than the box (although it's at the bottom rather than the top which makes it completely different)

I'm not to cised for the Pink song. Maybe it will grow on fungas.

I watched a little bit of the Miami - FSU game on ESPN Monday night. On ESPN2 they had the game on as well but it was 7 different angles at once. I hope they decide to use this format for MNF. It's confusing at first, but with the big screen I think it would be awesome.. Even better would be to have it on ABC rather than ESPN2 (since Disney ownes both). That way it would be in HD..that extra space on the side would be great.

Does Madden Just For Men(tm) his eyebrows?

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  1. I wanna know what production jack-ass decided that they only needed to pop-up the play clock when it was down to 5 seconds. Come on, you've got all the space in the world to keep a pre-snap playclock up. Some of us want to watch that kind of stuff.