Saturday, August 09, 2008


I just finished watching the openeing of the Olympics.  Watching the olympics in general is something my family has always kind of done.  Shayna's family never really got into them.  Since we've been together though, I've gotten her hooked.

I love the idea of the olympics..that for at least a little time the nations come together to compete.  The politics, while still present, are mostly left at home. 

The cermonies for this games were particularly interesting.  Most enjoyable parts:
  • Light drums
  • Fireworks
  • the scroll
Does anybody else watch them?  What were your favorite parts?

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  1. Jen and I watched them - we were totally impressed. I was wowed by how artful and classy everything was. I mean, every single aspect of the ceremony was impressive. If I had to pick a favorite element, however, I think I'd go with either the drums, the mid-air run around the top of the stadium to light the torch, or the painting at the center of the LED scroll - especially when augmented by the rainbow of the athlete's footsteps.

    That sound you heard from Europe was London crapping its pants at the thought of having to follow Beijing's act.