Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Favre, you are so hosed

Mr. Favre, Brett.. Perhaps you should thing about retiring again.  Things were already going to be bad for you this season. You made the cover of Maddon '09.  I know what you were thinking.  You were thinking "Madden isn't in this version, I can break the curse." 

And then you found a nice little loop hole.  The Favre on the cover is wearing a Packers jersey.  Certainly that Favre will have a bad season, but if you played for a different team the curse wouldn't haunt you.  Unfortunately, Sams Club and Walmart have both annouced they will print new covers with you in a Jets uniform right in the store. 

This can only end poorly for you.  Perhaps you should walk away while you still can..  Barry did and he seems pretty happy.

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