Sunday, December 24, 2006

Use Google to keep on top of your blogs

I've blogged a couple times about RSS readers and how they make things easier when you look at a lot of blogs. One of the neat things is that you can use the google personalized home page to keep on top of them as well.

To do it, go to and click on sign in (top left). If you don't have a google account you'll need to make one (if you are on the new blogger you already have a google account). Log in to the account and then click on personalized home (again top left).

The personalized home allows you to put in different modules on the search page. You also have the option of adding tabs to have personalized pages.

To add a module go to Here you can search for all the different modules they have. To create you own, click on "add by url" next to the search button. Then just put in the RSS feed and click add. When you go to the personalized home page you'll see the latest headlines for that blog. Clicking on a headline will take you directly to that post!

You can also try out Google Reader at I'm checking this out as wii speak..
Google reader is the bomb digity. I'm stopping usage of the rss reader program. Use the google reader STAT!

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  1. thanks carl! i've always wanted to track blogs like this and now you showed me an easy way to do it. :)