Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm going white

On my dad's side of the family there is a recessive gene. This gene states that every other generation's hair will go gray, while the other generation will go white. Don't ask me why it does this, I have no idea. The best I could come up with is that it like variety.

So my dad is going gray, which means I will go white. My grandfather had white hair so I guess the gene is doing it's job.

Today I spotted my first white hair in my goatee. I have mixed feelings regarding this. On the one hand it means I'm getting older (28 in 2 weeks! YIKES!), on the other it gives me, and this might come out wrong, a sense of happiness.

I know it seems weird that a hair can give you happiness. It's true though. It means my gene is working. It gives me a sense of pride that I belong to my family. I'm blessed to have this hair.

While going to church in Fredericksburg, there was a guy there who always smiled. His name, appropriately enough, was Guy Smiley (true story). He had cloud-white hair and a constant smile on his face. I didn't know him very well, just that he always had a smile.

That's how I want people to remember me. The guy with the cloud-white hair and a constant smile on his face.

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