Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Team Willis Joint

Yesterday was a long day. It started around 6:45 in the morning as Shayna and I got up to make the trek to F-burg from P-burgh via F-fax. The weather report called for 1-3 inches of snow up in the Pitt so Shayna was going to get the first leg. It ended up being rain so I got to drive.

The drive was uneventful. Hardly any traffic on the way back to DC (I thought there would be a lot). As we got to the DC area though, we turned on WTOP and the traffic report wasn't good. 95 South bound was a parking lot except between 123 and Dumfries.

Shayna and I stopped at our apt, freshened up, feds the cats, etc hoping things would clear up, but the traffic report stayed the same. Northbound looked good though, so we called up my mom and asked her to come to fairfax as that would be easier.

By the time she gets to 95 traffic is bad north bound as well. They call me up and tell me they would like to postpone the day. I was pretty distraught about it because I wasn't sure when I was going to get to spend a day with my family. My mom and brother don't have schedules like mine where they get weekends off and we all took this day off to spend together.

I got the call while in the car. Shayna was driving and saw that I got really sad, so she decided to kidnap me and forced me to get through the traffic and see my family. She drove the entire way.

On the way down we stopped at the cemetery in Quantico to see my grandmother. She was a wonderful woman, and I miss her. As a cried, Shayna held me tight.

The point of this post I guess is to shine some light on Shayna. We all have times when we are weak or low and we need someone to lean on. I'm proud that she's got my back.

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