Monday, January 23, 2006

The day after

I'm kind of bummed today. I think the weather has got something to do with it.

The end of football season is always tough. Playoffs are the worst because there is only type of fan that is happy. I have 2 rules when it comes to playoff time.
  1. When the Broncos lose, I become a Steeler/Redskin/Ram fan. The Steelers because of my wondeful wife, Rams for my dad, and Redskins for all my friends who are suckers and are stuck with the Skins.
  2. I become a fan of the team that beat the Broncos. This way I can say that the Broncos lost to the best team and it was impossible for them to win the championship. If they lose to some scubs then it just makes me feel worse.

So thankfully I get to satisfy both criteria this year. I get to pull for the Steelers for Shayna and because they beat the Broncos.

I still didn't like watching them lose though..

I watched a recap of the game this morning. The Broncos started out decent. They moved the ball, had the Pittsburg D on their toes, and generally were efficient as always. The defense nearly had a fumble recovery and 2 interceptions. Once the Bronx fell behind though, the Pittsburgh D just went nuts and killed them.

I think the Steelers are going to win the big game. It takes a lot to win 3 road games. Playing the Seahawks on a neutral site should be easy.


  1. Hey, I can't say that I feel for ya...since I am a Steeler's fan, but after all of their heartbreaking losses in the playoffs, i know how you feel.

    I'm actually a Bronco's fan too..growing up near Pittsburgh has made the Steelers my number one, but the Broncos are in the top 5. Definitely a classy organization with a lot of great history.

    Good to know that you'll be rootin for the Steelers!

  2. I love you, babe and hope today is better! :-)