Saturday, July 23, 2005

I'll be attacking with Nightsoil Kami

On our recent trip to Deep Creek (over 4th of July weekend) I created yet another compulsion. This one doesn't seem to be as strong as the others (like fantasy football or banana bread (which by the way my loving/beautiful/sexy wife is making some right now) but it is disconcerting.

Before we left for deep creek Shayna's brother Matt calls and asks her to bring her Magic the Gathering cards. Magic is a card game that mixes dungeons and dragons with sports card collecting. This company releases thousands of cards and people create decks of 60 to play against each other (kind of like war only more complicated). I've never played magic, nor had I ever really had any desire to learn how to play. So shayna and Matt start to play and I just watch.

It looks complicated so while I'm watching I'm reading the 30 page rule book that Shayna has with her deck. It becomes interesting so Shayna makes a deck for me out of her spare cards. IT was fun playing over deep creek. At the end of the trip Shayna tells Matt that he can have her cards as she never plays. I have no problem with this..I'll never play again.

I'm thinking about that stupid game 3 days later. Can't get my mind off it. So I break down and buy two "theme" decks (pre-made decks so you don't have to make your own) so that Shayna and I can play together. I even downloaded the magic online game.

Hopefully this obsession will pass soon. Just one more game..


  1. You're so cute, babe. I like playing Magic with you! Forever dibs on the blue deck!

  2. I, too, have a new game to obsess over: NCAA Football 2006. Darn you EA Sports! Why must your titles be so frickin' addictive???

  3. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Shannon has literally hundreds of Magic Cards, but any attempts to get me interested leaves me even further away from the cards from before. I've watched other people play with mild interest, but I just don't understand the concept of the game; I can grasp the rules, but not the concept.