Monday, July 18, 2005

Every GUy should be as lucky as me

As many of you know I love football. I also really love Fantasy Football (and banana nut bread). In one of my leagues they just changed the draft date to August 5th which is when Shayna and I were scheduled to come back from a beach trip. I asked Shayna if we could make sure we were back in time for the draft and without missing a beat she says yes (even though we will have to rush home on Friday traffic). I love that about her. She's always willing to sacrifice things for herself to make me happy.

If the situation had been reversed I probably would have had to think about it for a little while and then tried to work some other way of getting things to work out..but not her, she just said yes dear.

I truly am a blessed man. I decided to find a proxy for the draft. No sense in trying to hurry home for it. I'll be off having to much fun with my little lady.

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  1. For the record, I tried to talk him out of using a proxy, but he wouldn't hear of it, so whose sacrificing for whom? (That's probably not grammatically correct; I never could quite get the hang of who and whom and whose. :-))