Thursday, July 21, 2005

I hate becoming a better person

I'm not a big fan of becoming a better person. I kind of like who I am. Fortunately, when I asked God to send me someone I included making me a better person as one of my criteria.

I think one of the reasons why God has put Shayna and I together is because we are so totally different. By being different, we help account for each other's short comings. For example, I guess I would be more of a conscious for Shayna in public situations. If I think she is bordering on talking about something inappropriate or confidential I let her know (me being the quiet one I don't have to worry about this as much)

Shayna makes me more assertive (or at least she tries) by helping me say what I feel or want. Typically I won't say things that I want or feel because I'm a people pleaser and the thought of conflict is horrible. For example, this morning Shayna and I had a disagreement about something stupid. I won't go into details but I'm pretty sure every couple has a disagreement that really won't change anything no matter who is "right". Typically I wouldn't have even bothered disagreeing and just said ok, whatever and moved on with life. But this morning I made my feelings known and I stood my ground.

I don't like doing that. But I guess it's like flossing your teeth and eating just have to do it. Being a better person isn't easy..I'm glad I have a good teacher though.

I hate flossing my teeth and eating my vegetables too.

Found a new's called Orbox..


  1. Yeah, Orbox is looking pretty cool. Darn you, Carl! I have work to do and you lead me into fun, fun temptation!

  2. Anonymous1:06 PM

    To eat your veggies - try carrot cake, it works every time.

  3. That's a great plan, except carrot cake will kill him. Stupid milk allergy.