Monday, March 02, 2009

What a weekend

Just so much stuff..

  • Saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was just ok. Certainly not better than Dark Knight. I'm still kind of bitter that DK didn't get more awards/nominations. It broke almost every record..
  • Free Agency - FA kicked off with a bang this year. Albert Haynesworth to the skins for 100m. 41 guaranteed. Another in a long line of disappointing FA acquisitions for the skins
  • Broncos get Gaffney who should be a good #2 behind Eddie Royal since Brandon Marshall was arrested..again
  • Broncos also nearly get Matt Cassel in exchange for Cutler through a 3rd party team. This one is intriguing. Cutler's arm is strong, but his decisions are sometimes questionable. Cassel certainly looked a lot like Tom Brady by the end of last season. The question is: is it the system or the QB? Could the Pats pump out QBs like the Broncos pump out RBs? Will the Broncos backs gain yards like in years past? Only 184 more days to go..
  • New favorite restaurant is an oldie.. I'm really digging on the soup/salad combo offered at Ruby Tuesday. Plus I had the petite steak there on Saturday night. Not Peddler good, but not bad.

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