Monday, March 16, 2009

Technology Shift

I love trying out new technology.  Hopefully when I get old it will keep me in the loop with my grandkids. (Back in my day our gaming consoles only had 128 bytes of ram and it wasn’t handheld, and it used sprites.. no not like the soda…)
This post is being done on Microsoft Live Writer.  They built a blogging program to go in their live lineup.  It’s actually pretty slick and I think I might use it in the future instead of the normal web interface.
When we move to PA, I think we are going to forgo cable and just get internet and an antenna for over the air transmissions. A little old school and new school in that technology front.
I’m also intrigued by the Palm Pre as my next cell phone.  It’s always been my contention that cell phones should just be phones, however with having the kid and moving out of state, I think being full time connected is a good idea (I think this now before I am fully connected).  The other option is an iPhone which I don’t really want to do because then all of my mac friends will tell me “welcome to the club” or “I told you so” or something similarly annoying like that guy in the I’m a Mac commercials.  Plus if the opportunity ever came up I wouldn’t be able to go to Bill Gates’ house.

In other news, Jay Cutler is a big baby. So what if your new boss wanted to trade you. It's a business. Show him that you really are a franchise QB and then stick it to him in 3 years when your contract is up.

Other news part deux: Little Sophia can apparently hear now. This means I need to curb my language. For example I need to stop saying "Don't tell ME what to do". I can't have her learning that one before she's 25. I also need to start using some key phrases some more so that she learns them quickly. Things like "Go get me some food woman"

Shayna will be so pleased with my parenting skillz

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