Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Hits

Been awhile since I posted so I thought I would post a lot at once.

  • Dollhouse: The first episode wasn't very good. Last week's episode was much better. Word on the street is that by episode 6 it will be much better. Hope so. I feel bad for Eliza after the cancelling of Tru Calling.
  • Impossible Mission: The title of this game is probably only recognizable by those of you who had a Commodore 64. If you did then things like Epyx and El-Shift-Oh make sense to you. Hello to everyone that just googled "Commodore 64", "Epyx", Impossible" or "Mission". Anyways, they released the game onto DS. I thought that since I'm much wiser and smarter now I should be able to beat a game like this. It still kicks my butt. Although I'm farther than I have ever been (granted it's on easy mode which gives an extra 2 hours of time). Here's hoping that they release Archon or M.U.L.E. (Hello to everyone that just googled "archon" or "MULE" or "Greatest Commodore Games Ever")
  • EBAX - My company is releasing a product which lets you modify SharePoint lists inside of Excel. If you use SharePoint a lot (for things like task lists etc) it will really make maintaining things a lot easier.
  • LOST - Is this season great or what?
  • Looking for a home - Why do some Realtors post pictures that look like they were taken with a camera phone? You can get something that will talk web quality photos for under $100. Just do it.

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