Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A great weekend

Shayna and I had a most excellent time while in NYC over Valentine's day weekend. There was much to be done including going to "Top of the Rock" (Excellent!) and walking everywhere (Bogus!). We even caught some old favorite movies on TV (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Real Genius). I'll let you guys guess which was the favorite of Shayna's.

Spending the weekend up there made me realize how much better of a team Shayna and I have become. The first time we went to NYC we ended up mad at each other and walking 20 blocks not speaking. The second time was 12 blocks I think. This time though, there was never an upset moment. No matter what we helped each other and got to where we wanted to be.

I think it has a lot to do with how well we know each other now. We started to hit that point in our relationship where we don't even need to speak. We can just throw a look or just a word and know what the other is trying to say (this will come in very handy with Sophia on the way).

While at FAO Swartz, Shayna took me aside and told me that if there was any big kid thing that I wanted, just let her know and she would make it happen. I love that about her. All I have to do is say I want something and she would do whatever it took to make it happen.

Thank you for the wonderful weekend dear. I love you.

In other news, I saw Sophia hiccup today. It made Shayna's entire stomach move!

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