Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why can't I get a domain that I want?

I was looking over some of the features that blogspot came up with this past year and noticed they make it easy to have a domain forwarded to your blog. This is great because I had been thinking about getting a domain with custom email addresses and the like.

So first I look up willis. Of course that's taken by an insurance firm. Stupid insurance.
Next up willi. That's taken but doesn't even have a page associated to it. What's the point?
This time I got it.. thewilli..nope that's taken a Willis family who has a blog (called Chronicles of the Willi)! It looks like a nice blog and I will probably start reading it.

Curse you Todd Bridges for making our name so popular!

All this poses a very interesting question (at least to me)..

What should my domain be? I would like it to be something that my whole family can use. Or is this just a new age vanity plate that I should just forget about (vanity plates cost significantly more I might add)?

I guess I could use That's got a nice ring to it..


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Hey Carl! Thanks for commenting on our blog! Lol, that's too funny about the domain names. I figured there would be many Willis' out there, but I thought for sure we would be the only Willi! (actually, our friends gave us that name)Well, I hope you find a domain name you like, and hope you visit us often! God bless!

    Another Willis,
    Kasie (one of the Willi) :-)

  2. You are funny too, honey. :-)