Monday, January 14, 2008

What a weekend

This weekend was outstanding. Starting Friday evening Shayna and I had a date and went to see the movie "The Bucket List". One of those movies where you know you are going to cry at the end. Still, it wasn't bad. The beginning of the movie where Jack Nicholson is surely is especially funny.

Saturday was my birthday party. Lots of people joined Shayna and I at Sezchuan East for lunch. Then some came back to our apartment to play rock band. It was a lot of fun to play with a full band of people. Supposedly they are coming out with a lights & smoke machine attachment this summer. I'll start saving my money now..

Shayna got me Guitar hero so that we could have 2 guitars. I think everyone who played base appreciated it. :-)

After rocking out and getting headaches there was football on TV. The packers won in a snow game which was fun to watch and then the pats blew out the jags.

Sunday I enjoyed watching the chargers beat the colts (especially after that colts fans booed the 12 year old girl for wearing a patriots some class). I'm especially looking forward to the patriots beating the snot out of that butt hole Phillip Rivers.

Then the giants beat the cowboys which was also quite exciting.

Overall it was a fantastic birthday weekend. Thank you to everyone who was part of it, especially Shayna who orchestrated everything.


  1. happy birthday carl!! i wish we could have been there to help celebrate. i'm glad you had such a great weekend! :)