Friday, August 03, 2007

I hate you Steve Jobs

I'm sitting around waiting for a server to finish installing windows. This task has been difficult because of Steve Jobs (one of the founders of Apple).

The installing of the OS is a simple task. You hardly ever change the default settings. The reason for my annoyance is because the server didn't come with a keyboard or mouse. This is normally not an issue because there are others at the office. However, the server only takes USB and not the older PS2 and this is where Steve Jobs comes in.

Ol' Stevie (as his friends call him) decided with the invention of the iMac that he was no longer going to support floppy drives. He felt they were legacy devices and this was going to be cutting edge.

Soon after, others starting falling suit. Now, most computers don't have a floppy drive.

Hot on the heels of making everyone ditch their floppies, he said no more PS2. That's fine, unless you only have PS2. Then you are have to drive to Best Buy and search for a wired mouse and keyboard. This is actually more difficult than you would think. Why a wired mouse and keyboard? Because there isn't an operating system to install the device drivers!

I realize this post will fall mostly on deaf ears. I can think of about 3 people who read this will understand exactly what I'm talking about. For all you others, here is a video of Puppy vs. Kitten


  1. I admit, I am one of the deaf ears and not just because of the Meniere's. :-) But I like puppies and kittens. Good call.

  2. I get it. But I'm still not too sympathetic.

  3. I get it and I am sympathetic. Somehow in trying to create progress, Stevie boy neglected to cover all his bases. Now you'd think someone who supposedly created a computing "revolution" would have thought about all possible outcomes, but I guess all the dollars and cents are getting in the way these days.