Saturday, February 17, 2007

another "Why My Wife is Great" posts

So this week I spent 4 days in Antwerp, Belgium and none of those days were with Shayna. It was an especially difficult week for me. I think married people often don't realize how much they lean on their spouse to get them through days. When they stop leaning and start being independent, that's when trouble sets in.

Needless to say as my flight inched closer home I grew more restless. All I really wanted that day was to walk out the gate and see her.

Revoke my man card if you need to, but I teared up a little each time I thought about her on the flight home.

Normally when I do these posts there is something in particular I want to say is great about her. This time there is nothing specific, just a general I need you in my life dear.

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