Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Super Bowl is in the wrong city

The Super Bowl this year is in Miami, FL. While this is a prime location to host the big game, it unfortunately is the wrong location for these two teams. The better place would be Tampa Bay, FL.

The reason for this is simple. Lovie Smith (who names their son Lovie?) and Tony Dungy both coached the Bucs and there they came up with the "Tampa 2" defense (along with Monte Kiffen).

A lot of story lines are going on about how this is the first time a black coach has made it to the super bowl (it's also the first time 2 black coaches have made it to the super bowl). I don't see why this is a story line. No one has said that black coaches couldn't make it to the super bowl. No one has said that they weren't "smart enough". (at least in the last 20 years) I guess I either never paid attention to who was coaching or just expected it to happen at some point.

I think the bigger story line should be mentor vs. protege. The scheme these guys developed changed a team from constantly being in the dumps to being a super bowl contender through the late 90's and early 00's. Now they get to battle each other. This is like going against your dad in a game. You both know each other's tendencies, you know how they prepare, you probably even know how their playbook is color coded.

That's the story line. That's the way this game should be remembered. Now it only needs to be in the right city..


  1. I can't tell you how much I agree and would love to see this game in Tampa. One reason being that my parents would likely have gotten tickets and I'd be going since they are Bucs season ticket holders (they've had tickets to the super bowl every time the game has been in Tampa).

    About Lovie's name...I agree with you...but...his parents, who'd thought they were having a girl, named him after his great-aunt Lavana. No excuse, I know...but at least there's a reason.

  2. do you know who else was in tampa during the invention of the tampa cover 2?

    Mike Tomlin. I think Mike Tomlin will be the first black coach to win a superbowl.