Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Legend of Carl: Link's Return

Tomb of Doom - Another escape the room type game. Claymation is a nice change of pace though.

Base Jump - Get your guy to the bottom before the other guys..and don't blow up.

C is for Cookie - V for Vendetta spoof..with muppets. I probably would think it's funnier if I'd seen the movie.

Colbert Roasting the Pres

Pres with Impersonater I think it's important for the pres to have a sense of humor. Next election, I'm going to vote for whoever would make funnier skits on SNL.

Four Second Fury - Who says kids these days don't have a long attention span.


  1. That C for Cookie is pretty darn funny. And definitely more amusing if you've seen the movie.

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