Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Did somebody say quick hits?

I shouldn't be posting today. To much stuff to do, to little time. Sometimes though, you just have to make time. (Thank you Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd)

  • My brother in law, Matt, has a blog (shoutout to Matt!). You can get to the main page..don't know if you can see the blog posts without a myspace account. At any rate, he's a pretty funny guy. He's only one of only 3 humans I know who can make Shayna fall out of a chair from laughing so hard.
  • Flash Mob: A group of people organized by one person to perform a stunt/prant/hijinx. None of the people in the mob are familiar with others in the mob. After the event, everyone disavows any knowledge of their actions. This time, a flash mob goes to best buy. I wish we thought of this at the Essex House.
  • E3 is coming up. Sony has announced information on thier console PS3. Most notably they will have 2 price SKUs (an idea from MS). Their controller will not vibrate but have gyroscopes (an idea from Nintendo via MS/Logitech). I hate to say it, but the real innovator really is MS.
  • Some information re: the PS3. The core model will not have, HDMI output, wireless ethernet, SD card slots, and 40 GB less Hard drive space. The only thing of really note in all of this is the HDMI output. People will only get the base model if they want to play games on it. But if they have a HDTV and want to get the full value out of the Blu-Ray drive, they must purchase the upgraded model.
  • base model - $499. Upgraded model $599.
  • Points for anyone who can name a format Sony has had that has been successful. Beta doesn't count because that is used in professional industry. The BetaMax, aka consumer version, flopped.
  • I doubt I will be purchasing a PS3. 360 and Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii are still on my radar though.
  • My wife is home sick today (shout out to Shayna!). She's been feeling ill (definitely not illin' ) for a couple days now. We'd go to the doc, but they'd just say sleep and eat soup. So beef stew is on the menu for tonight. (my beef stew is probably more a vegetable beef stew. Tons of vitamin C)
  • For those of you who have lasted this far: What is the interest in having a links only blog? I would probably set it up for the RSS folk. You'd see the title and description in the headers. Click on it and your off to the site.

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