Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Weekend Hits

So I was supposed to do a post on this past weekend, but then I look up and all of a sudden it's Wednesday and I shouldn't be talking about this past weekend. I should instead talk about the weekend coming up.

This past weekend was the second busiest weekend of the year, at least for Shayna and myself. The busiest weekend, will of course, be this weekend coming up. A recap of this past weekend:

Got up at 8 to get ready to see my family. Had a turkey sub. The turkey was laced with whey (which is more common than you would think) Spent the day with them until 2. Swung by my mom's work to see her before we went back to Northern VA and helped throw a Christmas party for inner DC kids.

Most people wonder what exactly are my symptoms when I have dairy. The exact symptom varies mostly by how much I have but also by what form of dairy I have it in. Milk acts much faster than whey. Creme is probably the worst. Typically I get a slight swelling in my lips, tongue, and throat (wouldn't be noticeable unless I pointed it out). If I have enough, it will progress down into my chest where I will get chest pains as well as a plegmy cough. The only way I've found to get through it, is to just sleep it off. This is actually very helpful because I get very drowsy. Unfortunately after I wake up I feel like I've been in a fight with Nikolai Valuev (Niko as people who like to get beat up call him, really is that friggin big. He is the current heavyweight champ. I say he can keep it.).

So, to make a short story long, I had chest pains going home and through a little part of the party. After the party Dave, Tig(g)er, Shayna, and myself went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. After dinner, Shayna and I drive home. When we get on 495 from 66, it's a parking lot. An accident had 6 lanes merging into 1. Shayna is telling me where to go, but I'm get irritated because I don't want to cut off the person moving .005 MPH. So we switch spots and she drives perpendicular to everyone else to get back onto 66.

I'd tell you about Sunday but this post is already to long and I haven't even started on the busiest weekend yet. Tomorrow will have our plans for this weekend..

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