Monday, December 05, 2005


  • I hate the Chiefs in December. Almost as much as I hate that guy Carl.
  • Brad Johnson is the man. I can only hope that when next season rolls around, the bum Culpepper will be riding the pine as Johnson leads the Minnesota team to respectability. (You like that one Jeff?)
  • Following the lead of Sam & Shayna: Perfect Gift #1 would go to Brent Bigham. An evening with Peter Jackson and George Lucas at the Skywalker Ranch. You would of course be able to bring guests to share in the light saber duels.
  • Perfect Gift #2 would be to Hannah. After reading your post it seems like the perfect gift would be a fact 10 snowdays all in a row..and you get paid for the time off.
  • I of course need to give a gift back to Shayna (aka love of my life). You get to know what's really going on in the Lost Island.
  • Honorable mention goes to Sam for an evening with Michael Jackson at the Neverland Vally Ranch. But I don't think they offer that anymore.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah...if Brad Johnson were the starting QB for the Vikes next season, I might actually pull for them. :)