Friday, May 27, 2005

A very merry Rebirth-day to me? yes me! (and Shayna)

May 27th. Today marks my Rebirth-day. I'm 11 years old at around 5 pm or so. By a bizarre twist of fate, today is also Shayna's Rebirth-day. She's only 4 though (I like to rob the cradle..or I guess in this case it's Flirt-to-Convert) but honestly, she's farther along than I am, I think.

It's very humbling to have someone in your life exceed you when you started them in something. Maybe that's what having kids is like. Seeing them make more money and having more success than you.

I thought I would share my baptism story since it is a little unique (they all are aern't they?). Back in 94 my friend Cris and I would go to the YMCA to go swimming. I was telling Cris that I was thinking about getting baptized and that I was going to talk to Bill (our preacher) about it on Sunday.

Cris asked "Why not just do it here? We got tons of water."

Seemed a strange concept. All the baptisms I had ever seen involved a baptistry. But it made sense, after all we were at a Young Mens Christian Association. So Cris baptized me in the YMCA pool.

Not a particularly touching story. No great miracles or anything. But it did change my life. Maybe in some silly way it changed yours as well.

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  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I was baptized in a kitchen sink if it makes you feel any better.

    Your big little brother,