Monday, May 23, 2005

Cutting edge of technology

I like to try new things. I don't know why. It's a very sick thing really. I know what I like, yet exploring to see what else is out there just pulls me. The most prevalent example I can think of is Chinese restaurants.

First off I love Chinese food. Mainly for this one simple fact: There is no dairy in it. God bless the Chinese and their food. It's so darn good. There are quite a couple Chinese restaurants I visit. All of them have great food. However, whenever my wife and I get a menu in the mail or when we walk past a Chinese restaurant we've never visited, I always feel compelled to try it out. It's weird..I know that..I can't help it.

I also like trying new technology. Gadgets are neat, software is neater. I just recently got into this whole blogging thing. I also recently got into the RSS/XML feeds. For those of you not in the know, you can view all of the blogs that you read, all of the news sites, etc in one small program. It's great, no longer do I have to check every 5 minutes what's going on in the football world. I just let the RMS feeder let me know when something has been updated. Same goes for blogs.

That's pretty much it. Nothing really witty or funny today. I love my wife, and I'm glad the workday is over.

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  1. Hey babe,

    When you were explaining that to me the other day, why couldn't you make it as simple as you made it in this post?

    And the Chinese food trying thing is weird. It just is. We now know of at least 5 different best Chinese Restaurants. You really only need one. I love you!!!