Friday, July 25, 2008


I genreally try and limit football related posts because I think people find it mostly boring.  However, 2 things I found out recently made me want to share.

The first is Rod Smith retiring.  Rod was an undrafted WR for the Broncos and was probably their best ever.  He has team records, and was known for his work ethic.  He was pretty much all that remained from the Super Bowls they won.  It doesn't seem that long ago..but then again..I don't play professional football. 

The second thing that really interested me was a new offensive philosphy making it's way around HS football.  It's called the A-11 which stands for All 11.  In it they don't use offense linemen..they line up a center, 2 offset tightends, 6 wideouts and 2 QBs.  The premise is that any one can be an eligible receiver.  It's an interesting concept, and might be used as a "gadget play" in college / professional football but I don't think it will really take off.  If the DE keep contain it's basically all screen passes.

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