Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why are you telling me this?

Yesterday I was grabbing a Starbucks drink for Shayna because she didn't have time. Right after I ordered the guy working there started saying how tired he was. This struck me in 2 ways:
  1. What kind of response are you expecting? Should I feel OK if the order is wrong because you didn't get enough sleep last night? I'm not a co-worker or even a friend, I'm a paying customer. Isn't the Starbucks experience that to me everything is sunshine and rainbows?
  2. You work in a place, for the most part, specializes in serving drinks that are designed to wake you up. You sell being awake...use it!

For the most part, my experience at Starbucks is not like this one. For the most part I wouldn't have cared if the cashier told me they were tired, but I think I just found it odd that they would be tired here.

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