Thursday, December 20, 2007

I've become the stupid help desk call..

For a couple weeks the touchpad on my laptop hasn't worked. It mostly has no impact on me since I use a mouse 99.44% of the time. However, it's a new laptop and I felt that everything should work so I wanted to get it serviced before the warranty ran out.

Today I called Toshiba, explained my issue, was given a help ticket number and put into the queue. It didn't take long before I was greeted with the first level tech support person. Spent 5 minutes verifying the information I had given the operator. I do this calmly hoping that we can get through the diagnostic quickly and he can point me to a place to get my laptop serviced. I am after all a tech guy and I know that this thing needs to be fixed.

He then told me to push the "FN" key (as opposed to the f-in key) and then hit "F9". I do so and in big bright letters it says "Touch Pad Enabled"

Apparently I'm now the guy who calls in saying that their cupholder is broken..

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