Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pulling a Brett Favre

So this has been a wild and wacky week. It starts with a hitch in Gabe & Kate getting hitched. We then drive to the 'Barre for a job interview that ends up being a dud (although Shayna probably would have gotten the job if she wanted). Throw in a super long..err..disagreement and then you have the point at which Shayna and I are deciding what to do. Should we stay or should we go?

It was a tough call, we had already put in resignations, broken leases, rented trucks. Then to turn the ship around so late was not like me at all. But it seemed like to make things work the way we wanted to, 1 more year was needed in the DC area.

So now, I'm going to be working at my job part time starting next week. I've even got some job prospects already lined up.

The line looks good and I feel confident that this year we'll go deep in the playoffs.

Yeah, I can see why Favre does it..but I think next time it will be fo real

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