Sunday, April 08, 2007

You can't go home again

A couple years ago my dad came up from Florida and I was showing him all the new stuff that had happened in the area. Central Park in Fredericksburg, Todd's gas in south Stafford, etc. It made him a little bit sad to see stuff that he knew so well become so different. Especially with Central Park. These were fields that he grew up playing in and now it's a shopping district.

I got my first taste of that this weekend. On Saturday Shayna and I went with Jeff & Ashley down to Fredericksburg to see historic downtown, battlefields etc. While there we were going to go to Capt. Sids. For those of you who don't know about Capt. Sids it's a sandwich shop that is next to the Carl's Icecream. The sandwiches they served there were to put it mildly, ginormous. It would have to be at least 1 lb of meat on the sandwich. It was run by a friendly old couple.

So we go down there and it's no longer run by a friendly old couple. We saw a guy eating a hamburger there and it was a normal hamburger (as a point of reference, I don't believe the original restaurant even served burgers. I think they just served subs and sandwiches). So we decide to leave. Something from my past has moved on and so should I.

So we head down into downtown Fredericksburg to eat at Spanky's. Spanky's is another sandwich type place that was really popular among college/HS kids. I ate many a meal there. It was actually completely shut down and converted into a Piano/Jazz restaurant.

Two aspects of my formative years completely gone. Life goes on though, for the better. We ended up going to Sonic and drowning my sorrow in a strawberry slush. Capt. Sids & Spanky's didn't have anything close to the strawberry slush..

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