Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Wii Dilema

For awhile now I've said that I would get a 360 for Christmas/birthday. Part me of still does want the 360. The only problem is that I don't see a lot of games that interest me for it. There's the sports games which I always love, but I don't see anything like Ninja Gaiden or Prince of Persia which are the games that I end up getting now a days. Gears of War sounded promising until I saw the trailer. The graphics are amazing, but chopping people up with a chain saw and having blood splatter over the "camera" just doesn't really do it for me. Guess I'm getting old..

Today Shayna and I stopped at a gamestop and played the Nintendo Wii. They had an offroad game there and we got to play around. It was pretty surprisingly fun. I'm going to wait on both I think until I see games that I really want. I have a feeling that when Halo 3 comes along I'll be ready for a 360...


  1. I can only say that the gears of war trailer does not do the game justice. If you guys are going to the burgh for TG I'll bring down the 360 so you can see exactly how cool that game is. It is truly a next gen 3PS, and its the funnest shooter that I've ever played. Beats the crap out of halo, both of em. I've already finished the game, and am in the process of playing through the second difficulty level cause its so much fun.

    The story is a bit darker, yes thats true, but its quality gameplay.

  2. We'll be there Thursday night. Look forward to trying it out.

  3. Anonymous7:02 AM

    follow the squaresoft contract....

    at least, that's what us rpg'rs do

  4. Oh, just checked this out, this game looks like the bees knees.

  5. It does look interesting..

  6. take a look at all the peeps that are throwing their controllers through the screens of their big screen tvs...


    actually, i was surprised at how much fun Excite Truck was...I'm thinking what is more logical...driving across deserts with Jill, or chopping up aliens wiht Jill...hmmm!