Monday, August 07, 2006

I appreciate...

I was talking to a close personal friend the other day who is going to be meeting up with some of his old college buddys. His college buddys are married (and some have kids) and they gave him this advice: Before you get married, get what you want because afterwards you won't be able to spend money like you did before.

While I can understand the point (you do have to share the finances with other person after all), I have to say I'm really blessed in that Shayna isn't like that at all. This past weekend Shayna and I went shopping for some school supplies and I mentioned that I'd like a new pair of running shoes. She made it her mission to find me a pair of shoes that I'd like to have. Running shoes sounds pretty lame in the grand scheme of things. But stuff like this is pretty common (TV, Fatheads, etc)

And that's reason 134 of why I love my wife. She wants me to be happy and will do anything she can to make it happen.

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  1. you guys are so cute, trading blogs about things that you like about each other, makes me smile and happy that there are happily married couples out there, especially since there are so many stories in the news about couples who aren't. :)