Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Great googa mooga, what a storm

I don't usually get scared. Whenever I go to haunted houses, I expect all the stuff to jump out at me. I think nothing of it when it does. Rollercoasters thrill me. I may scream like a little girl who just scraped her knee, but I don't really have a fear.

The last time I got scared was Monday night. Here in VA we had a doozy of a storm. Storms in and of themselves aern't really that scarey. I actaully really like storms. I love to watch the lightning and hear the thunder. It's amazing to see nature's power.

The scarey part is when I am trying to sleep through a storm and it gets really bad. Shayna and I decided to leave the window open and a fan going when we went to bed that night. The storm comes in, and there are these huge cracks of thunder and lightning. The first really big one startles me awake. I shrug it off and go back to sleep. The second really big one startles Shayna. And she flies over on to my side of the bed and holds on to me.

It's at this point I realize that maybe having the window open isn't such a hot idea. I close the window and even though we can still hear the storm, we aern't getting the full fury.

The only other time I was scared by a storm like that was when Shayna and I went to a wedding in PA. We stayed at a bed and breakfast and we had to sleep in a sunroom. The entire room was made of glass panels (even the ceiling). It was quite cozy and nice to look at the stars while in bed. However, when the storm rolled in, all I could do was hide under the covers and try not to let the flashes of lightning all around me get to me.

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  1. That was a doozy of a storm. The thunder was so loud that all the car alarms in my complex's parking lot kept going off.